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Derrick Ryan Robertson

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Derrick Ryan Robertson

Post by TwistedHarly on Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:02 pm

----------------------------| Basic Deails |---------------------------

Full Name: Derrick Ryan Robertson
Alias: Derk, Drake, Ryan, The Collector
Past names (If applied): N/A
Titles (If applied): Master of Pleasureable Pain's Harem
Class and or Rank: (if applied): N/a
Age: 376 but looks only 23 years younge
Species: Lust Demon (Incubus)
Purtiy of blood: Full blood demon
Sexual Orientation: Stright
Martial Status: Single
Past Martial Status (If applied): N/A
Occupations:(if applied): Business owner of Pleasure Pain Resort

----------------------------| BloodLines|---------------------------
Sires (if applies):

----------------------------| Personality|---------------------------
Basic Personality: ( Charming, Proud, aggressive, athletic, charismatic, Focused, Forceful, Honorable, Masculine, Romantic, )
Likes & Dislikes: Derrick enjoys listing to music, reading and drawing when he has the time for it. He hates being in large groups of people unless he has a need for it. His main passion is women, he loves to collect them.  He highly dislikes males.<
Type of Dom/Submissive: (if applies): He very seductive when he wants to be he can also be very controlling and demanding of his so called pets. Even though of his personality wouldn't say much about him he takes well care of his women.
Desires in a mate:
Dislikes in a mate
Greatest Desires
Greatest Fears:

----------------------------| Appearance|---------------------------
Basic Appearance: Derrick stands to be roughtly six foot three and weights close to one hundred and forty pounds. His body shape to best describe it is a trapezoid fit; seeing he does have time to work on his body tone. He does ahve dark ash brown hair that he normally keeps short. His dark hazel eyes nrmally appear to be either dark brown with a tint of bright green to them.
Distinguishing Marks: The male does has not pierced any part of his body.. Though he does have an outlining of a star on his right side of his chest and a Celtic circle on his left shoulder as far as tatttoos go. He also has a small birthmark on his midsection near his waist line.
Clothing: Derrick is often found wearing tee shirts and blue jeans if not he is wearing a button up black shirt made of fine silk and slacks.
Shapeshift forms (if applied): (large bat webbed wings, barbed tail/potent poisons, talons)
Weapons & Armor (if applied):

---------------------| Abilities & Weaknesses |--------------------
Mundane Skills: (arcane language, art, bribery, Charm, cooking, Dance, intimidate, musicianship, Seduction, Torture)
Racial Skills: (immortality, superhuman strenght, super human speed. Dream walking, Enslavement kiss, Kiss of death, shapeshifting, manipulation, pheromone manipulation)
Racial Weaknesses: (starvation, exorcism, angels, holy icons, silver)

-----------------------| Familiars (if applied)|----------------------
Name of Familiar:
Came to be:

-----------------------| History |----------------------
Growing up in a small family Derrick is the older brother of Lucas and Angelic Robertson. Being the oldest he cared for his siblings up to the point his parents were no longer. It was then he vanished from his family in search of his own self. While his time away from his family Derrick had took a turn for the worst as he became a head hunter for a short time. One day while Derrick was on the job he stopped within the village of  Wythen . There he had spotted Kazumi for the first time, the daughter of Sandin the very man he was sent to collect. Despite his better judgement the male continued with his work slaying just about everyone in his path until he had claimed Sandin's head. At the end of it all he had torched the village raising it to the ground leaving no survivors or so he thought; as the male was just about leaving the town his attention was brought to the young woman who had managed to hide from him. The male gazed upon her and something deep within his demonic body seem to clicked with that the male chuckled speaking out to the woman. <i>"Fuel your hatred for me; train until the day you think you can beat me, and if you cant when the day comes you will be mine for all eternity."</i> That was the last job he finished. Years later the demon found his way to Vastum Arcadia the city of lust it self. Here he would make a name for his self.  (more will come later)

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