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Magnus DeRose

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Magnus DeRose

Post by TwistedHarly on Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:01 am

--------------------------| Basic Deails|---------------------------

Full Name: Magnus DeRose
Alias: Mag, Maggie, Magpie
Past Names (if Applied): N/A
Titles (If Applied): N/A
Class and or Rank (If Applied): N/A
Age: Nine Thousand four hundred and sixty two years old yet he only looks to be less then thirdy.
Species: Shadow Dragon Shifter
Purtiy of Blood: Pure blood dragon
Sexual Orientation: Stright
Martal Status: Seeing Xeno
Past Martial Status (If Applied:) N/A
Occupations: (If Applied): N/A

--------------------------| Bloodlines|---------------------------

Mother: Josphine DeRose
Father: Celaistal DeRose
Siblings: Twin sister Sapphira
Children: None at this time
Sires (If Applied): N/A

--------------------------| Personality|---------------------------

Basic Personality: As far as his personality goes the male is mostly calm and collect, he doesn't tend to rush into things he rather hangs back and watches. He is often quiet as he is plotting on how to take on the problem. When it comes to being around others he is often quiet unless he is around close friends then he tends to joke around. Yet when it comes to a female the male has issues, he's often shy losing his train of thought and even scared to admit that he likes being around her. Once an every few months the male will become a pain in the ass as he is in his Mating cycle, he like all males become aroused by just about anything that not family during this time.
Likes & Dislikes: There are only a few things the male actually enjoys doing. He tends to read a lot and when he is not reading he out wondering around. He doesn't always like being trapped in once place granted he's breed. He doesn't care much for the sun and the day time, this time he is normally lounging about as if the energy had been sucked out of him. He also dislikes tomato and grapes for some odd reason. Of course, he being a dragon loves treasure! His greatest fear would have to be losing his twin sister, him he is very close to. If he forgot where his family is from, the ruins where he had hid most of his treasures even though he doesnt go around there much.

Greatest Desires:
Greatest Fears:

--------------------------| Appearance|---------------------------

Basic Appearance: Magnus shares some of the same qualities as his twin sister. He has dark hazel eyes which tend to look gray at most times and near raven black hair. He stands to be just under six feet tall being five foot nine. He avegly weights to be one hundred and thirty six pounds.

Distinguishing Marks: The male doesn't have any peircings on his body but he does have a tribal tattoo that stretchest along his back to his upper arms. He does have the exact birthmark that his twin has on the back of the neck. Yet he also has a small birthmark on his inner thigh. He does have a few old scares from the days when dragons were hunted these scares are on his forarm, calf, and lower torso on the left side.

Shapeshift forms (If Applied): Now within his dragon form the beast stands to be a good hundred and sixteen feet tall and weighing over seventeen ton. He is hundred and twenty three feet long from the tip of his tail to the tip of his snot. The beast wingspan is well over one hundred and thirty six point three feet.
Veapons & Amor(If Applied):

--------------------------| Abilities & Weaknesses|---------------------------

Mundane Skills: (speaks Draconic, English, Greek; knowledge on arcane and religion.
Racial Skills: (breaths, acid, fire, shadows. black magic, natural attacks claws, bite, illusion spells, immune to energry dragining spells.
Racial Weaknesses:

--------------------------|Familiars (If Applied)|---------------------------

Name of Familiar
How They Came to Be:

--------------------------| History|---------------------------

Birth to Childhood:
Young Adult:
Adult to Present:



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