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Aurora Lin VanDyke

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Aurora Lin VanDyke

Post by TwistedHarly on Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:53 am

--------------------------| Basic Deails|---------------------------

Full Name: Aurora Lin VanDyke
Alias: Aura, Lin, Minxie
Past Names (if Applied):  N/A
Titles (If Applied): N/A
Class and or Rank (If Applied): N/A
Age: 384 years old and only looks 28 years old
Species: Lust Demon (Succubus)
Purtiy of Blood: Half
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Martal Status: Single
Past Martial Status (If Applied:) Widowed - Rain Synister Gore
Occupations: (If Applied): Exotic Dancer

--------------------------| Bloodlines|---------------------------

Mother: Unknown at this time
Father: Unknown at this time
Siblings: Morpheus (oldest brother), Damian (older brother)
Children: None at this time
Sires (If Applied): N/A

--------------------------| Personality|---------------------------

Basic Personality: She is a party girl, loves to be around large crowds. She is outgoing and can be a bit paranoid during the night. She is often jealous over the person she truly loves. Aurora has a temper off and on that will tend to show.

Likes & Dislikes: Aurora enjoys exotic dancing, music, drinking and partying.  She likes having fun, rough sex, and the colors cotton candy blue and pink. She dislikes the dead of night and the quietness that is the early dawn house.

Type of Dom \ Submissive (If Applies): She is a bit of a handful, she loves to talk back and show her Masters/Mistress that she can be in charge if they let her.  She has her moments when she is obedient, though she will truly never be broken.

Greatest Desires: Despite her mental need for physical contact and sexual need, Aura wants a family. Someone she can have as her own one day and who will never abandon her again.

Greatest Fears: Being either cast out into the world alone and or abandon by those who she loves. Her biggest fear is hunger.

Fault: Her bigest fault is she gets Jealous and of course her need to feed from Sexual energies.

--------------------------| Appearance|---------------------------

Basic Appearance: Aurora stands to be around five foot five and weighs close to around one hundred and twenty-six pounds. She, of course, is small for a demon of lust. She does have shoulder length black hair with copper hazel eyes with a tint of green to them. The female does have a bra size of 36C.

Distinguishing Marks: She has tattoos that cover nearly her whole body ranging from flowers to stars. She even has her belly button, lip tongue and ears pierced.

Clothing: Aurora tends to wear more revealing clothes such as halter tops and v neck shirts with tight jeans, short shorts and even mini skirts with her three-inch black knee high boots.

Shapeshift forms (If Applied): The demon while in her demon form stands about the same at five foot five her skin has turned to a soft pale color, leather like horns curl out from above her ears and move around her head before point above her towards the sky. She does have large bat wings which have a reddish purple tint to them that has sharp claws at the ends of them, and a barbed tail to match. Her hair turns to silver and grows longer as well as her eyes turn pitch black.

(Fangs, Claws, Tail, Wings)
Veapons & Amor(If Applied): N/A

-----------------------| Abilities & Weaknesses|------------------------

Mundane Skills: > Exotic dancing, cooking, sewing, and singing are her main skills. She also has some skill in hand to hand combat and some skill with weapons.

Racial Skills: (Inducement of sleep, Enslave Kiss, Dream Walking, Seduction/Manipulation, Aura Reading, Superhuman strength/speed and Agility, longevity, Illusions, pheromone manipulation, supernatural beauty, energy draining, Lust inducement, accelerated healing, )

Aurora is a master at seduction; she able to change her appearance such as her eye and hair color to induce a male into being attracted to her more. She, of course, can induce someone into a dream like sleep state so she able to dream walk and manipulate them better. She, of course, is great with Aura reading and inducing lust after all. She able to plant sexual fantasies and dreams into others minds, She has superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She has long years before her. Of course, she has supernatural beauty and illusions to help with drawing her victims in.  Lastly, she has the enslave Kiss to keep her victims bound to her for a time so she can manipulate them easier and made them do her bidding.

Racial Weaknesses: (acts on emotions, holy powers, Can not use racial skills on females,  mortality, decapitation, heart extraction, sexual need, magic)

------------------------|Familiars (If Applied)|-------------------------

Name of Familiar N/A
Species: N/A
How They Came to Be: N/A

--------------------------| History|---------------------------

Born into a small family of four, Aurora is the youngest of three children. Being the only girl she had the attention of her mother, though growing up beside her brothers she learned how to be a tomboy. Being teased by her older brothers every day, young Aurora would never learn about the outside world for what it really did to the protection of her brothers, Morpheus and Damian. When the girl turned sixteen a young man by the name of Nexis became friends with her brother Damian, countless times Damian had tried to get her to date the boy. Though not soon after both her and Nexis deciding against the idea her life turned upside down.

Some months after her birthday poor Aurora was bound and gagged in her sleep. Stolen from her home she was moved New York to work in a whore house. The first few months was the hardest, she was raped and beaten by her captor every day until she obeyed his every wish and show him respect. Aurora's master was determined not to allow any other man touch what was his, making the girl only his. By the age of nineteen, the police finally had enough evidence against the man to shut down the whore house, sending the girls back home, where ever they came from. Except for Aurora, who had fallen passionately in love with her master. He again had hid the girl away taking her somewhere where they would never be found. When she was 25 her master grew tired of her and abandoned her leaving her with nothing. Not knowing where she was in the world made some problems as she tried to get home, taking the wrong turn after another Aurora slipped into a gang. Later on, she was busted and spent two months in prison.

Once released from her cells she took time in visiting her brother Morpheus in a small city called Deviltry. There the woman met one of her brother's ex's by the name Kaylily and found a job at the local strip club. Aurora loved her work up to the point of the night she was raped by one of the other female dancers. With that one thing brought back the trauma of her past forcing the girl to move from the city. Arriving in the Forsaken Kingdom the demoness witnesses her other brother get married for the first time. Yet it was the first choice for her to live at, Leaving the kingdom she returned to a small visit only to be sold into slavery once again.

Spending years within the auction house the young woman finally was bought by Rain Gore. She spent a few months with the man, falling for him before the two were separated. Now once again she is traded from one Auction House to another until she is able to gain a Master or Mistress that is able to handle her.

(Needs to be Updated)


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