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Aezvyra Isadora ( Jinx)

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Aezvyra Isadora ( Jinx)

Post by TwistedHarly on Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:48 am

You may think Lust and Gluttony are Sins

--------------------------| Basic Deails|---------------------------

Full Name: Aezvyra Isadora
Alias: Aez, Isis, Jinx, Goddess of Darkness, Lust, Gluttony
Past Names (if Applied): Jinx McCalister, Jinx Niko
Titles (If Applied): Empress of Lavidia, Vessel for the goddess
Class and or Rank (If Applied): High level demon, Host of both Gluttony and Lust
Age: Although Aezvyra has lost count of the years she is said to be somewhere around twenty-five thousand and three years old yet she only appears to be twenty.
Species: Shadoe Demon (Shadow Goddess)
Purtiy of Blood: pure blood demon
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Martal Status: Engaged to Umbranex
Past Martial Status (If Applied:) Divorced from Cavan McCalister

--------------------------| Bloodlines|---------------------------

Mother: Lady Graves Sylsalor
Father: Tristhe Sylsalor
Siblings: (need to remember the family tree for this one XD)
Children: None at this time
Sires (If Applied): N/A

--------------------------| Personality|---------------------------

Basic Personality: She tends to be more outgoing than anyone else in her family, she very high spirited and always looking for something to do. She is partly insane, so she has mood swings that are ranging from caring one minute to trying to kill someone the next. Jinx is the house of both the sins of Gluttony and Lust; which keeps her into a flirty mood and where she doesn't want to be alone.
Likes & Dislikes: The demon enjoys the company of others no matter if she happy or upset. She will always welcome a conversation with new people giving on what it may be at the time. She has a passion for roses and lilies when it comes to flowers seeing it reminds her of her past. She loves to go out and have fun mainly dancing with family and friends when the time permits it. The demon dislikes when someone comes to her hurting or in pain or even when she accidentally hurts someone close without even thinking about it. Her main passion is that of her family and friends underneath the art of being her self. She can't stand people who use her to gain something in the world let alone drama even though she often finds her self-dragged into it here and there.

Greatest Desires:
Greatest Fears:

--------------------------| Appearance|---------------------------

Basic Appearance: The woman has five main appearances that she uses; being mortal, demon, wolf, dragon, and shade. Her mortal form is pretty much the main appearances he uses. Now while in her mortal form the demon stands to be just under five foot six and weighs close to hundred and twenty pounds. She has long onyx black hair with the tips of Crimson (dyed with blood) if it does not look that way it can often be found a dark brown. Even though the woman can change her mortal looks to what every she wants when ever she wants. Aez tends to have bright emerald green eyes if they are not swirling crimson or colorless black. Her skin is slightly then darker of her siblings seeing she does have a tan.

Distinguishing Marks: She has both ears pierced along with her navel, and her bottom lip even though she doesn't always wear rings. She has a few small tattoos, a small pentagram tattoo on her left wrist and working on getting a cover up tattoo to cover her ex- husbands name over her breast. She also has the marks of her lovers that cover her skin. Her Ex Cavan's mark being the largest which takes up her full neck and moves down her left side of her body ending at her left elbow. She also has a small lovers' mark hidden on the back side of her bottom lip, the source of it is unknown to all of those but the person who left it and herself of course. Aez last lovers mark is found on the inner thigh of her left leg; this mark was long forgotten on whom let it and only he knows.

Clothing:Jinx has a very odd collection of jewelry that she never takes off depending if she needs to be formal or not; she has a spiked collar and leather bracelets when she feels too her past. When she needs to be formal she has a silver heart necklace and a silver tiara she has to wear, not including her onyx engagement ring from her soon to be husband. Jinx's outfits range from her ball gowns she must wear when she is needed for Kingdom affairs and then she has tight blue jeans and leather pants to match her tight leather vests, tee shirts, and tang tops; she does have other sundresses she tends to wear off and on.

Shapeshift forms (If Applied): The next closest mortal like form that the woman has is that of her demon and shade, both similar to each other and that of her mortal look. She remains the same height and weight in all three forms and even has the same snow white blood soak hair and emerald green eyes. Yet while in demon form the woman has black leather like horns that wrap neatly around the side of her head to the back of it, each horn wrapped with an unbreakable chain which is has a black PVC coating to it. She has often spikes growing from her back which is the same leather like as her horns. She often has smaller spikes that will appear out of her arms starting at her shoulders and ended at her wrist. The demon does have a barbed tail that is laced with poison which can nearly touch the ground it is not swaying about. She does have a pair of near black wings which nearly seems to be more bat like than that of an angel's feathery look. Now for her shade form, she is competently the same as her mortal form only difference is she is made out of the shadows and only able to be seen by those who know what they are looking for. Her last two forms included that of her shape-shift forms she tends to use. The demon has been fond of shifting into a wolf and she has recently created a dragon form. The woman's wolf form is nothing more than an Alaskan tundra wolf (subspecies of the gray wolf) with black semi long fur. While in wolf form the woman measures about fifty-six inches from her nose to the tip of her tail. She weighs roughly around hundred and ten pounds while in this form. Her eye color is still the emerald green as in her mortal form. Now even in this form the woman still has shadows dancing around her body making the wolf appear as if its nothing more than a demon it self.

(Shadow Dragon from coming soon)

Veapons & Amor(If Applied): Aez is often found wearing a heavy black leather armor that was gifted to her by one of her closest friends. The heavy leather allows the woman the movement she needs to fight with. Along with the leather, there are places that are able to see the mithril chain mail tunic that the woman wears under it. Her armor covers her neck, chest, torso, let alone matching wrist guards and gloves. She has a heavy cloak she tends to wear also which bears the DeLaRose crest on it. Now, this armor is used for just about anything from spars to the battle field. As for weapons, the woman tends to use a set of dull black steel arm blades for close range combat. The demon also has a number of small silver throwing knives along with another set of daggers which is made purely out of silver. there are times she does use her magick if it not for a ranged attack.

--------------------------| Abilities & Weaknesses|---------------------------

Mundane Skills: Aezvyra has plenty of basic every day skills. She is able to speak a few different languages granted she mainly speaks either English or Latin when she wants, her Dragonic and Elvish/drow is rusty. She is also able to read these languages. She is able to cook enough to feed herself without having others do it if she really needed to. She pretty book smart, which helps because she is a very quick learner. She is a skilled fighter when it comes to swords and daggers not only a set of throwing knives. She has dabbled in herbalism enough she could come up with a potion to heal or what not. Besides what her demonic traits she loves to dance and sing when she wants. Of course, she is skilled in politics and such for ruling the empire.

Racial Skills: Her abilities aren't so basic when it comes to her racial skills. Her demonic blood allows her to use shadow or fire magic in either a defensive or aggressive way. Of course, she is also known to play small little pranks on people using either one of these classes of magic. Her favorite being shadow spells to use either it being summoning some small thing to amuse her self or in battle. She has increased strength and speed, she quite faster than a mere human. She has the ability to regenerate her body after being wounded giving it not being a killing blow or something that would cause her to bleed out. along with the ability to summon up a shadow gate way to teleport through space and time if she wanted to. The woman also has a telepathic link that connects her to her siblings and any children that she may have. She can shift herself into a near black mist, shadows, or poof of smoke, also able to levitate herself and objects. She can summon and control different imps, spirits, and some animals such as wolves and foxes. Isis is telekinetic, she able to move objects with her mind, giving nothing too big. She can shadows and flames to use during a fight; she can produce large waves of shadows that are strong enough to knock a full grown dragon a few feet away from her but at a cost. Her newest demonic ability she has been working on would be that of dream walking; this would allow her to pass into other's mind while they and herself are asleep.. And of course, she is able to change her appearance.

She also has spells that to wear the woman out faster then the spells she natural can perform seeing she had to spend countless hours studying. She is able to get into one's mind depending on how weak the person is to create any type of illusion to fit her needs. She is able to cast both protection spells and curses on a person. Using her skill in herbalism she is able to fix any number of different potions. The woman has grown her mind enough to be able to astral project her self over a few hundred miles, though she has not been able to cast her projection over realms.The more powerful, draining spells are some times not what they seem; they are cast with the help of blood rituals. These spells would be such as summoning other demons; changing someone's race if she is able to; and creating demon spawn.
Racial Weaknesses:

--------------------------|Familiars (If Applied)|---------------------------

Name of Familiar
How They Came to Be:

--------------------------| History|---------------------------

Birth to Childhood:
Young Adult:
Adult to Present:

But they are totally ME!!



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