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Crimson Luck Lounge

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Crimson Luck Lounge

Post by TwistedHarly on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:12 pm

This simple blood den is open 24/7 for the creatures of the night (demons and vampire based) to come to wind down or wind up more... If not they could be tossed out after dark when it closes. Come join in on twisted fun and games.

For there safety, NO weapons of any kind will be permitted to pass through the doors.

Oh did we forget that plain Mortals are not allowed to enter unless they are willing to give up their veins? There are a few vessels that will let just about anyone feed on them. Keep in mind in There are private rooms in the back for more discreet 'feeding'. So with that, we welcome you to the dark side of the city.

::|Owned ran by the VanDyke Family||::


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